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CRC Excavator Services

22 - 1923 Purcell Way, North Vancouver, BC Canada, V7J3H4
Office: 604-985-9588 | Cell: 604-908-6896

CRC Excavator Services of North Vancouver


    About the Company:

    The owner of CRC Excavator Services has operated excavators for more than 25 years in Vancouver and the North Shore and has successfully completed intricate and extensive projects in steep terrain, heavy rainfall and watercourses. He understands that these conditions require exceptional operating skills, experience and on-the-job organisational abilities and ensures that all operators with CRC are able to adhere to these standards. 
    We strive to give these requisite operating skills and abilities the priority they deserve. Most jobs can benefit from an operator’s experience, skill or innovation but on technical or challenging projects the resulting efficiencies are significant.    Comparison of operators is difficult because no two jobs are the same but the time and money saved with a fast, experienced and conscientious operator working with the appropriate machine at a competitive rate may far surpass the interim benefits of hiring a company that is offering a discounted rate. 
    Earthworks on our customer’s sites have the highest levels of production, quality and safety.  This is a result of our experience in almost all aspects of demolition, excavation, utility services, structural installations and landscaping and in precise excavator control.  Speed, attention to detail, innovation and creative solutions save our customers substantial amounts of time and money.  
    As well, we have considerable experience and ability in hardscape and earthworks planning, layout and coordinating. 
    CRC delivers expert, consistent, dependable service that will help to make your projects go as smoothly as possible.


Free estimates, call Cam: 604-985-9588 (604-985-XKV8)

CRC Excavator’s goal is to provide our customers the highest level of production with excellent quality and complete safety.

For a free estimate: Call:  (604)-985-9588 (xkv8) SMS:  (604)-908-6896 Email: